• Will waterproof for the design life of the bridge
  • 100 year warranty
  • The world’s most environmentally friendly concrete waterproofing
  • Proven in more than 85 countries over the past 30 years
  • Very fast application
  • Extremely cost effective
Radcon Formula #7 waterproofs bridges
Tarif Interchange, Abu Dhabi, waterproofed with Radcon Formula #7

Just a few of the Specifiers who have ensured Radcon Formula #7 waterproofing on Bridge Deck structures:

  • Arup
  • Belgium Railway Company
  • COWI
  • Emirates of Abu Dhabi Works Department
  • Hong Kong Highways Department
  • Hyder Consulting Middle East
  • New Jersey Department of Transport
  • Norwegian State Rail
  • Ministry of Transportation, Taiwan
  • Roads and Traffic Authority NSW Australia
  • Saudi Arabia Ministry of Transportation
  • Societa autostrade S.p.A, Italy


  • Radcon #7 creates a continuous sub surface barrier in the matrix against the ingress of water, salts and contaminants
  • Cannot suffer mechanical damage
  • Cannot blister, pinhole or delaminate
  • No loss of slip resistance
  • Increases concrete hardness from 6 to 8 on Moh’s scale
  • Increases bond strength between cementitious materials by 27%
  • Federal Highway Administration (FAA) Washington testing confirms:
    • 0-1” depth – chloride reduction 60.4%
    • 1”- 2” depth – chloride reduction 94.2%
    • No bond loss to asphalt at 160 °C
  • Reinstates alkalinity into old concrete (pH 12)
  • Seals cracks up to 2 mm.
  • Seals future hairline cracking on contact with water (for the life of the structure)
  • Maintains watertight cracks undergoing cyclical expansion and contraction up to 0.4 m tolerance
  • Penetrates highway grade concrete up to 20 mm
  • Totally non-toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly
  • Zero VOC emissions
  • Very fast application – each person can apply 8,000 m2 per day
  • Trafficable in 6 hours
  • Enhances freeze/thaw resistance
  • Suitable for ponding water (tested to 40 kg/cm2)
  • Numerous test reports available from over 20 countries, including USA Federal Highways Administration (FAA)

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